Fire Extinguisher Inspection

What should happen during a fire extinguisher inspection?


1. The gauge is inspected:

The dial needs to be in the green zone, it cannot be below or under.


2. The date of manufacture and last recharge is inspected and recorded:

If the fire extinguisher has not been recharged in the last 6 years then it is either due for 6 year maintenance or hydro-static testing (once every 12 years). There are also certain fire extinguishers that are legally required to be condemned before a certain year of manufacture.



3. Information is recorded in the technicians log.

This information will be location, serial number, type, year, last recharge, model etc. This is then entered into a database so that at your next fire inspection you will be informed of services which must be done and can prepare for them.



4. Fire extinguisher is maintained.Fire Extinguisher 5

If the extinguisher does not need to be recharged it goes through a yearly maintenance. The seal around the pin will be broken and resealed, the extinguisher will be wiped down and the tag will either be replaced or have the correct information recorded on it with respect to the current inspection. Last of all the extinguisher will be cleaned by the technician.



All fire extinguishers must be hung off the ground. If a fire extinguisher is found on the ground it will be hung up. All fire extinguishers must meet federal and provincial fire code.