Fire Alarm Inspection

What should happen during a fire alarm inspection?

1. The fire alarm monitoring and bell zones are disabled:

Disabling the monitoring during the inspection is imperative as the alarm will be set off regularly and the monitoring station needs not call the fire department. The bell zones are deactivated so that the bells will not be ringing all day.


2. Fire alarm panel is maintained:

The batteries are checked following our standard for emergency light batteries. The panel must withstand a five minute bell test running off the batteries. The LED indicators are checked to make sure that none of them are out. Fire alarm panels must be replaced in the event that any one part of its electronics is faulty or otherwise deficient.



3. Devices are tested and recorded:

Devices such as smoke and heat detectors are tested through the fire panel, after which information is recorded about each device as to whether it is working or not.



4. Bell test:

All signal devices are tested during the bell test, during which the technician will set off the bells and go to each bell to assure that it is working.



5. Monitoring station test:

The technician will reconnect the fire alarm and set up a test with the monitoring station for the fire alarm signals.