Emergency Light Inspection

What should happen during an emergency light inspection?


1. The power to the emergency light/exit light is shut off:

Emergency lights need to pass a 30 minutes run time test. Thus the first move for every technician is to turn on the lights.


2. The battery dates are checked:

The battery dates need to be checked. If they are older then five years or if they do not have a date on them they must be replaced. In this situation the emergency
light is turned off and the battery is changed.



3. Information is recorded in the technicians log.

Such information will be location, model, battery size, battery quantity, battery date, battery type, voltages and power output.



4. Emergency light/exit light is maintained

The emergency light is cleaned off, a sticker with information regarding the inspection is put on the emergency light. The technician checks to make sure there are no burnt out lights in the system. Exit lights are tested for bulb back up and their light bulbs in general.



All buildings must have emergency lights unless the building has a backup generator. All buildings must have exit lights that must always be illuminated. All emergency light packs may not exceed the number of remote lamps based on a power output calculation.