Fire Sprinkler Services

Fire Sprinkler Service



Fires can act fast, that’s why fire protection must act faster. A Fire Sprinkler system is key to extinguishing fires at their source as quickly as possible. Speed during a fire is essential for a safe evacuation. Because a sprinkler system actives so quickly it reduces heat, flames and smoke produced by fire. Which in-turn reduces damage and loss of life.

Despite what is seen in movies, Sprinkler systems do not actuate an entire building at one time, but rather targets the initial room where the source of the fire commenced.


Sprinklers must be maintained on a semi-annual basis. An inspection provided by Premium Fire Protection, will ensure that the sprinkler is at full functional capacity. Contact us today for our services.

When a property has sprinklers installed…the loss of life risk decreases by 80%
When a property has sprinklers installed…the average property loss is reduced by 70% per fire
When a property has sprinklers installed… occupants receive more time to get to safety
When a property has sprinklers installed…85% of the time only one sprinkler is activated