Fire Extinguisher Services

  • Inspections
  • Recharges
  • Five and Six Year Maintenance
  • Hydro-Static Testing
  • Supply and Installation

 Fire extinguishers are one of the mostly commonly encountered pieces of fire safety equipment. They vary in size and purpose, but they are all directed suppression systems designed for one or two users to combat fires manually. Fire extinguishers can play a vital part in defeating a fire or suppressing long enough for the fire department to arrive and take over. Though fire extinguishers should only be used when safe and appropriate to do so, they are an important piece of equipment for property owners.

Extinguishers may contain a number of fire-fighting agents which are suitable for a variety of tasks, from water through to suppressive powder, but the most common form of extinguisher is usually the ABC type which is suitable for many of the more common kinds of fire. Our technicians can help to evaluate what kind of extinguishers are needed for your property to achieve maximum protection.

Once an appropriate fire extinguisher is properly installed, your property is protected, but like all things, fire extinguishers may degrade over extended periods of time so extinguishers must be checked semi-regularly (often annually) and fully tested and refilled every five or six years, though these time periods do vary based on the type of extinguisher. Our technicians can come and, with the minimum of disruption to you, test the extinguishers, either on-site or for either hydrostatic testing or six-year maintenance back at one of our facilities, in which case they will provide temporary or replacement extinguishers so that your property is always protected.