Fire Alarm Services

  • Inspections
  • Verification
  • Smoke / Heat Detector Install and Service
  • Horn / Strobe Install and Service
  • System Installation
  • System Service

Fire Alarm Systems are a vital part of any home or business infrastructure. A standard Fire Alarm system will have multiple smoke detectors throughout a building in key areas, which can be powered by either the building's hydro or in-system batteries. Whichever method is used, there will always be multiple power sources for redundancy to ensure complete safety. These alarms will typically be linked to alarm bells to alert people to danger, and to exit signs and emergency lights to assist people in evacuation of a building during a fire.

A building without a Fire Alarm system is left vulnerable to serious fire damage, which also endangers anyone occupying the building and can be ruinously expensive. Fire Alarm systems ensure that fires are noticed early and that the alarm is raised as soon as possible, minimising property damage and potentially saving lives.

Installation of a fire alarm system may also potentially reduce your insurance costs, as your insurer knows that you have taken steps to protect your home or business against disaster.

Fire alarm systems must also be maintained and so we offer a routine inspection service. During these inspections, a Premium Fire Protection technician will visit your property and inspect the systems, which includes disabling the systems, checking the control panel for functionality and power, testing the various devices such as smoke and heat detectors, testing the alarm bells and testing the connection to the monitoring station.