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With 75 years in the trade, Premium Fire Protection is a leading provider of supply, install, maintain and repair services for fire protection systems in western Canada. Our experienced and trained technicians can ensure that your business, property or home installation keeps you, your family or employees safe.

24/7 Emergency services

Premium Fire Protection offers emergency servicing of fire protection systems when you need it, any time you need it, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We have qualified sprinkler, suppression, fire alarm and extinguisher technicians available around the clock in Western Canada to offer additional protect and respond quickly in case of emergency.

Fire Extinguisher Services

  • Inspections
  • Recharges
  • Five and Six Year Maintenance
  • Hydro-Static Testing
  • Supply and Installation
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Fire extinguishers are one of the most commonly encountered pieces of fire safety equipment. While they vary in size and purpose, they are all direct suppression systems designed for one or two users to combat fires manually. Fire extinguishers can play a vital part in defeating a fire or suppressing long enough for the fire department to assist in fire suppression. Though fire extinguishers should only be used when safe and appropriate to do so, they are an important piece of equipment for property owners.

Extinguishers may contain a number of fire-fighting agents that are suitable for a variety of tasks, from water through to suppressive powder, but the most common form of extinguisher is usually the ABC Fire Extinguisher suitable for the most common types of fires. Our technicians have vast experience and knowledge and would be happy to help you evaluate the best extinguishers for your property to achieve maximum protection.

Once an appropriate fire extinguisher is properly installed, your property is equipped with the first step of fire suppression, but, like all things, fire extinguishers may degrade over extended periods of time so extinguishers must be checked semi-regularly basis (we suggestion annually) and fully tested and refilled every five or six years. These time periods vary based on the type of extinguisher.


Our technicians can come and, with the minimum of disruption to you, test the extinguishers, either on-site or for either hydrostatic testing or six-year maintenance back at one of our facilities, in which case they will provide temporary or replacement extinguishers so that your property is always protected.

Emergency Lighting Services 

  • Exit Light Inspections
  • Emergency Light Inspections
Emergency Light - Premium Fire Protection

Emergency lights are back up batter devices which illuminate automatically during a building power outage. Different packages include Emergency light, Exit lights and Combo packs.

Emergency lights are illuminated hallways and rooms for hours after a power outage.

Exit Lights aid to easily identify the closest exit during an emergency.

Combo Packs are an optimal combination of both an Emergency light and Exit light.

For installation and/or service of your emergency lights contact Premium Fire today to receive a quote.


Exit Light

In the event of a power outage or damage to facility lighting, emergency Exit Lights clearly mark the location of emergency exits to a property, allowing evacuation even in the event of total power failure thanks to back-up battery power.


Emergency Light

In the event of a fire or other serious event that compromises the integrity of a building, electrical systems and standard lighting may be damaged.

Emergency lighting ensures that corridors, hallways and other vital areas in the protected property remain lit and accessible during an emergency, allowing residents and staff to evacuate with the minimum of risk.


Emergency Lights Combo

An Emergency Light Combo includes both Exit Lighting and general Emergency Lighting, ensuring that both the path to the exit and the exit itself are clearly illuminated in the event of an emergency, even if regular power supply to the building is lost.

Fire Alarm Services

  • Inspections
  • Verification
  • Smoke / Heat Detector Install and Service
  • Horn / Strobe Install and Service
  • System Installation
  • System Service
firealarmmircom - Premium Fire Protection

Fire Alarm Systems are a vital part of any home or business infrastructure. A standard Fire Alarm system will have multiple smoke detectors throughout a building in key areas, which can be powered by either the building's hydro or in-system batteries. Whichever method is used, there will always be multiple power sources for redundancy to ensure complete safety. These alarms will typically be linked to alarm bells to alert people to danger, and to exit signs and emergency lights to assist people in evacuation of a building during a fire.

A building without a Fire Alarm system is left vulnerable to serious fire damage, which also endangers anyone occupying the building and can be ruinously expensive. Fire Alarm systems ensure that fires are noticed early and that the alarm is raised as soon as possible, minimising property damage and potentially saving lives.

Installation of a fire alarm system may also potentially reduce your insurance costs, as your insurer knows that you have taken steps to protect your home or business against disaster.

Fire alarm systems must also be maintained and so we offer a routine inspection service. During these inspections, a Premium Fire Protection technician will visit your property and inspect the systems, which includes disabling the systems, checking the control panel for functionality and power, testing the various devices such as smoke and heat detectors, testing the alarm bells and testing the connection to the monitoring station.

Annual Business Inspections

Inspections include: 
  • Sprinkler - semi annual and annual by certified Technicians
  • Suppression - semi annual and annual by certified Technicians.
  • Fire Alarm - annual by certified Technicians
  • Fire Extinguisher and emergency lighting - annual by certified Technicians 

An annual inspection is required for all businesses and covers  Sprinkler, Suppression, Fire Alarm, Fire Extinguisher, and emergency lighting. We are one of the few providers offering a one-stop service solution for all your service systems. We coordinate all Technicians so businesses disruption is minimized during comprehensive annual inspections.


Bundling these systems aids in compliance requiring only Premium Fire Protection Systems to be your sole source of contact. 

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  • Discharged or damaged extinguishers
  • emergency lighting
  • battery replacement
  • Discharged or damaged fire suppression systems
  • Fire alarm panel trouble or alarm
  • smoke detectors, heat detectors, pull stations
  • Ground faults
  • Leaking or damaged sprinkler heads or pipes

Premium Fire Protection has qualified Extinguisher, Suppression, Sprinkler and Fire Alarm technicians providing quality services at an affordable price, right when you need it.

There are certain occasions where you may require fire safety maintenance or service, including:

  • Discharged or damaged fire extinguishers

  • Burn out, damaged or defective emergency lights

  • Dead batteries in emergency light or fire alarm panel

  • Discharged or damaged fire suppression systems

  • Fire alarm panel trouble or alarm

  • Defective or damaged smoke detectors, heat detectors, pull stations

  • Ground faults

  • Leaking or damaged sprinkler heads or pipes


Do you require maintenance or service now?


A Premium Fire Protection technician will be promptly dispatched upon any service call.

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Fire Sprinkler Services

  • Annual Inspections 

  • Semi-annual Inspections

  • Installations 

  • Repairs

13637-Residental-Sprinkler - Premium Fire Protection

Fires can act fast, that’s why fire protection must act faster. A Fire Sprinkler system is key to extinguishing fires at their source as quickly as possible. Sprinklers provide a speedy suppression option during a fire, essential to assist in a safe evacuation. Because a sprinkler system actives so quickly it reduces heat, flames and smoke produced by fire which can also serve to reduce damage and loss of life.

Despite what is seen in movies, Sprinkler systems do not actuate an entire building at one time but rather target the initial room where the source of the fire commenced or is sensed.


Like all fire protection items, sprinklers must be maintained on a semi-annual basis. An inspection provided by Premium Fire Protection will ensure that the sprinkler is at full functional capacity. 

Fire sprinkler systems spray pressurized water onto fires from above, serving to either neutralize the fire or control it until the fire department can arrive to assist in combating the fire.


There are several different forms of sprinkler systems, but they all work in the same manner, with each section containing a glass bulb or metal link which functions as a kind of 'fuse' which will break when a fire is detected. This means that only sprinklers in the affected areas activate, improving the efficiency and the power of the sprinkler system and directing fire-fighting measures towards the fire location.