Emergency Lighting Services

Emergency Light Services

Emergency lights are back up batter devices which illuminate automatically during a building power outage. Different packages include Emergency light, Exit lights and Combo packs.

Emergency lights are illuminated hallways and rooms for hours after a power outage.

Exit Lights aid to easily identify the closest exit during an emergency.

Combo Packs are an optimal combination of both an Emergency light and Exit light. (as seen above)

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Exit Light

In the event of a power outage or damage to facility lighting, emergency Exit Lights clearly mark the location of emergency exits to a property, allowing evacuation even in the event of total power failure thanks to back-up battery power.

Emergency Light

In the event of a fire or other serious event that compromises the integrity of a building, electrical systems and standard lighting may be damaged.

Emergency lighting ensures that corridors, hallways and other vital areas in the protected property remain lit and accessible during an emergency, allowing residents and staff to evacuate with the minimum of risk.

Emergency Lights Combo

An Emergency Light Combo includes both Exit Lighting and general Emergency Lighting, ensuring that both the path to the exit and the exit itself are clearly illuminated in the event of an emergency, even if regular power supply to the building is lost.