Off-Road Vehicle Suppression

Premium Fire Protection installs, services, and inspects off-road suppression systems throughout Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. These systems are vital for any business using heavy industrial vehicles to perform tough tasks in demanding environments. These vehicles become compromised in any number of ways, and fires aboard valuable off-road vehicles can be both dangerous and expensive.

Protecting your vehicles with an off-road suppression system is by far the safest method of securing your operations. An off-road suppression system is typically mounted directly onto the vehicle, and is positioned around high-risk areas, such as engines, so that it can instantly douse key systems with fire suppressing agent. The system can be triggered automatically upon detection of a hazard, or manually by the vehicle crew, meaning your system reacts as quickly as possible to quickly and effectively suppress fire hazards, saving time, money and potentially lives.

Contact Premium Fire Protection to arrange the supply, installation and maintenance of off-road suppression systems for your vehicles today!

For more information, here is a video from Amerex discussing some types of Off-Road Suppression