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Premium Fire Protection

carries a variety of products designed to protect you

and your assets. 



Premium Fire Protection provides fire protection services in a variety of locations in  Canada.

Premium Fire Protection supplies a wide variety of Fire Protection products. Devices to prepare, prevent, detect, monitor and suppress emergency situations. Gain control of the unexpected with quality fire protection systems.  

  • Fire Sprinkler

  • Fire Alarm

  • Fire Suppression

  • Fire Extinguishers

  • Emergency and Exit Lighting 

  • Fire Safety Planning 

Premium Fire services across BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba with offices in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Moose Jaw, Regina, Yorkton, and Brandon. We are able to provide affordable, local, reliable and efficient service. Every location needs a unique protection system and our technicians can help to discern which products and layout would be best to protect your property.

Fire Extinguisher DIVISION

Fire Extinguishers

Fire Extinguishers can be found in a range of sizes and with a variety of fuels. With Premium Fire Protection, we will help you evaluate your needs and we ensure you will receive the right extinguisher(s) for your property, whether home, your office, warehouse or workshop.

The most common fire extinguisher type is the ABC extinguisher. This versatile powder-based extinguisher is suitable for use against plenty of fires, but in some situations and locations, a specialized extinguisher may be more suitable, our team will help you fully assess your location needs.

Requirements All fire extinguishers must be hung off the ground. Fire extinguishers must meet federal and provincial fire code.

Halotron Fire extinguishers 

haltoron clean agent Fire Extinguishers

abc Fire Extinguishers

class D wheeled extinguisher

Foam stored pressure extinguishers

halotron I wheeled extinguisher

Fire Extinguishers

foam wheeled Extinguishers

water Extinguishers

Fire alarm monitoring system

Fire alarm DIVISION

Fire alarm monitoring systemS

Key Products​
  • Fire Alarm Control Panels
  • Fire Alarm Annunciators
  • Horn and Strobes 
  • Smoke Detectors 
  • Heat Detectors 
  • Manual Fire Alarm Pull Stations
  • Fire Alarm Bells
  • Fire Alarm Monitoring Systems (ULC Standard) 

Fire Alarm systems detect and notify occupants of a fire hazard through manual and automatic activation. 


Examples of activation products:

Manual Activation 

  • Manual Fire Alarm Pull Stations 

Automatic Activation

  • Smoke Detectors 

  • Heat Detectors 


Evacuation messages are alerted to occupants through both audible and visual notifiers.

Examples of activation products:

Visual notifier

  • Strobes 

Audible notifier

  • Bells

  • Horns 


This system is programmed and maintained at the Fire Alarm Panel. A Fire Alarm system is essential to quickly evacuate and building in the case of an emergency.

A Fire Alarm Monitoring system contacts the Fire Department when activated. This quickens emergency response time as the systems will make initial contact with authorities. 


Using a Cellular Communicator, the fire alarm monitoring system does not need a land-line phone connection. The emergency message is transmitted from the communicator to emergency services once a smoke detector, heat detector, water flow or pull station is activated.


Installation and Services for Fire Signal Receiving Centres and Systems (CAN/ULC-S561-13)

Signal Receiving Centre Burglar Alarm Systems and Operations (CAN/ULC-S301-09)

Standard for Installation and Classification of Burglar Alarm Systems for Financial and Commercial Premises, Safes and Vaults (CAN/ULC-S302-M91)

Inspection and Testing of Fire Alarm Systems (CAN/ULC-S536-04)


​Fire Alarm Monitoring Package Includes: 

  • Hybrid wireless control panel

  • Large Red cabinet with transformer pre-mounted

  • 64 zone keypad

  • Cellular Communicator

Fire Alarm control panel


Pull Stations

Fire alarm bells


Emergency lighting provides safe egress in the event of a power failure. Examples of Emergency Lighting include the following

emergency lighting

emergency lighting combo pack

exit light

Suppression Systems

Fire Suppression Systems are a focused fire extinguishing system that detects intense heat and suppresses danger. A Fire Suppression system comes equipped with a Manual Pull Station to initiate the agent manually. 

When activated, Fire Suppression Systems releases a powerful extinguishing foam to form a tough vapor securing blanket which helps to prevent re-flash. This agent quickly dampens flames and cools hot surfaces.

Fire Suppression Systems are ideal for fire hazards that require immediate intervention due to the space or heat intensity. Our systems protect kitchens, industrial systems, paint booths, server rooms, food trucks and other specialized areas. 

Key Products​
  • Pre-engineered Kitchen
  • Industrial Off-Road
  • Food truck
  • Paintbooth
  • Server Rooms




Fire safety planning


fire safety plans

Key Products​
  • Fire Safety Plans 
  • Fire Safety Plan Boxes 
  • Fire Evacuation Plans 
  • Fire Alarm Zoning Maps

A Fire Safety Plan is a manual outlining the most important information relevant to the Fire Department during an emergency. A Fire Safety Plan is building specific and is to be updated annually. Our manuals are specific and are submitted to the local Fire Department for approval prior to installation. The Fire Safety Plan is conveniently stored at the front entrance of a building in a secured Fire Safety Plan box for easy access by the Fire Department.


Evacuation plans detail the fire protection systems and major hazards in a building. It complements the Fire Safety Plan by representing the information in a clear, visual manner. Our evacuation plans are posted throughout the building to aid in the preparation of an emergency.


A Fire Alarm Zone map is a colour coded floor plan that depicts the zones programmed in the fire alarm system. In the case of an emergency, the fire department will view the zone label on the fire alarm annunciate and use the fire alarm zone map to locate area on the map.


sprinkler services

Fire Sprinkler Systems

Fires can act fast, that’s why fire protection must act faster. A Fire Sprinkler system is key to extinguishing fires at their source as quickly as possible.

Residential sprinkler

Fire Sprinkler

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Premium specializes in Fire prevention, supply, installation, monitoring and maintenance. We also provide replacement and refills.


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