Premium Fire protection Fire Safety Products

Premium Fire stocks a wide range of Fire safety products with extinguishers suited to a variety of fire hazard situations, alarm lights, emergency bells, smoke detectors and many more precision-engineered products. These are designed to suit specific residential, commercial and industrial needs. We provide everything, from smoke detectors and portable fire extinguishers for homes and offices, to industrial suppression systems for kitchens, Off-Road industrial vehicles and more. Please follow the links below to get more information on the Fire protection product you are interested in.

Premium Fire has offices throughout Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan. Canada. It operates in Winnipeg, Calgary, Okotoks, Regina, Yorktown, Brandon, Moose Jaw and more. Premium specializes in Fire prevention, supply, installation, monitoring and maintenance. We also provide replacement and refills.

With over 60 years in the trade, Premium Fire is a leading provider of supply, install, maintain and repair services for fire protection systems in western Canada. Our experienced and trained technicians can ensure that your business, property or home installation keeps you, your family or employees safe.

We are able to provide cheap, local, reliable and efficient service. For more information, contact us at or call our toll free number 1-888-995-1260 or go to our website at for a free quote. Every location needs a unique protection system and our technicians can help to discern which products and layout would be best to protect your property.